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Safety Turtle Endorsements

Below are some endorsements by Organizations and Famous Celebrities for the Safety Turtle.

"Though a safety product should never, ever take the place of parental supervision, the Safety Turtle is very helpful as an added precaution."

Rick Hega, Executive Director of the Canadian Lifesaving Society (in July/August edition of Cottage Life magazine).

As Seen on The Oprah Winfrey Show

Pool safety was the subject of a special program on The Oprah Winfrey Show aired in May and September 2002 in the USA and also shown on Australian television. Response to the first showing of the segment entitled "Child Dangers Every Parent Should Know About" was so great that producers decided to air it again.

In the segment, actress Tracey Gold, whose son Bailey nearly drowned in her family's backyard pool, discussed the fundamentals of pool safety every parent should know.

"You have to prepare for the unthinkable," said Gold, adding, "Safety essentials for families with swimming pools include having a fence at least five feet tall, installing self-closing and self-latching pool gates with gate alarms, having an automatic pool cover, knowing how to conduct CPR and having an effective pool alarm."

During the segment, Oprah showed a Turtle wristband to the audience and introduced a film clip of Bob Lyons, President of Terrapin, demonstrating the product with children.

Good Housekeeping

Of eight alarms tested, Good Housekeeping (July 2001 issue) identified only three, including Safety Turtle, "that worked well". The others "took too long to sound or, worse, never went off at all. ", a respected independent guide to the pool and spa industry, says "Safety Turtle blends the best of technology with the greatest need of the swimming pool industry, safety for children."

Poolsearch Honors Safety Turtle

Every now and then a pool product comes along that blends the best of technology with the greatest need of the swimming pool industry, safety for children.

One such product is the Safety Turtle®, a well-conceived, practical device that sounds an audible alarm if a child enters the pool.

The Safety Turtle attaches to a child's wrist as would a wrist watch. The supervising adult actually "locks" the turtle in place and retains a key. Should the child enter the pool, an audible alarm sounds from a base station.

Unlike floating alarms, the Safety Turtle is not plagued by false alarms.

The ingenuity of its design and circuitry help it distinguish between a child who is simply cooling off in the sprinkler from one who has ventured into the pool. And, it will sound before peril occurs such as a child wading.

The Safety Turtle does not have a time delay as do door alarms. Should a child fall in to the water, the alarm goes off instantly and continues until it is manually reset.

The practicalities of the product are many. It can be used at home or in another pool. It can be used in lakes or rivers, in boats, or even around golf courses and fountains. In cases where many children are swimming, single children or groups of children can be "color" coded to avoid confusion during a potentially stressful time. The Safety Turtle works for family pets as well. Even the alarm volume control cannot be defeated, except for short test periods. There is only one sound… Loud.

Since there is no installation requirements, there is no time lost waiting for a technician, not to mention money spent on his services.

The manufacturer, Terrapin Communications, insists that the Safety Turtle is not intended to "substitute for diligent child supervision or for suitable pool barriers", a statement thoroughly endorsed by Poolsearch. What it does is provide another layer of protection to our cherished children.

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