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House number safety

A house number that is clearly visible from the street, not only during the day but also at night, is probably one of the most important home safety items you could ever wish to purchase!

As stated regularly by the Emergency Services: "We cannot help you if we cannot find you!"

Illuminated house number

Illuminated house number
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Police, fire and ambulance officers regularly complain that they waste precious time trying to find house numbers, as most cannot be seen at all at night and many are not even clearly visible during the day! Even the most modern GPS devices do not always take you EXACTLY to the driveway of the house you wish to find.

When you need help urgently, a clearly visible house number can make all the difference!

This quality product automatically switches on at dusk, making the numbers easily visible from the street. It is easy to install as no electrician is required and there is no wiring. It is also completely maintenance free.

When a life is on the line, every second can make a difference. Don't take a chance with the safety of your family. Make sure your house number can be seen easily from the street!

Supplied with 3x numerical sets of numbers from 0-9 and 1x Alphabet set of A-F Vinyl Stickers.

Our Price: $ 29.50

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