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Family First Aid Kit

An essential product for every home and car!

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Our Price: $ 94.40

Many family-size first-aid kits contain a small amount of impractical, low-quality items. The Family First-aid kit, however, contains a large amount of top-quality products that can significantly reduce pain and suffering and even save lives.

The Family First-aid kit has a number of major advantages over similar kits:

1. It contains quality products found on ambulances nationwide.
2. It contains the right quantities of these products.
3. The kit is extremely well organised - all products are visible for quick access.

Products include the following:

* 4 wound dressings for major wounds
* 1 Universal dressing for major wounds
* 3 15ml bottles of saline
* 1 Tea-tree oil antiseptic spray
* 6 Asguard dressings for minor wounds
* 1 roll of hypo-allergenic tape
* 25 Band-aids
* 3 packets of gauze swabs
* 5 10cm elastic crepe bandages (for sprains and some venomous bites)
* 2 emergency blankets
* 2 instant cold packs
* 1 Burnshield 10x10cm dressing
* 2 eye pads
* 1 pair of metal forceps
* 1 pair of scissors
* 2 pairs of gloves
* 1 Resus device
* 12 safety pins
* 5 splinter probes
* 3 Rapaid Itch-relief sachets
* 2 triangular bandages

The Family First-aid kit is supplied in a compact nylon bag, making it easy to store at home or in the vehicle.

Similar first-aid kits tend to sell for at least $125.00 and more, so the Family First-aid kit is a great value product for any family.

Delivery Information: The Family First Aid Kit can be promptly shipped from Safety Store Australia to anywhere in Australia including major cities such as Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, Adelaide, Gold Coast, Newcastle, Canberra & Hobart.

For more information regarding the Family First Aid Kit, please email us at or phone us on (08) 9378 7745.

The Family First Aid Kit is listed in our Health And Medical First Aid category.

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