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RidER Rescue Cyclist First aid kit

First-aid items for when you need them most!

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Our Price: $ 69.95

Every cyclist knows the importance of safety when out on the bike. After all, most cyclists wear a helmet and use other basic safety products, such as front and rear headlights if riding in the dark.

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Yet the majority of cyclists carry very little, if any, first-aid equipment when they’re out cycling. Basic first-aid equipment can help to alleviate unnecessary pain and suffering, affect recovery times and, in certain cases, it can make the difference between life and death.

Over the years a few very basic first-aid kits have been available for cyclists, but these were usually overpriced and understocked and only carried the most basic of first-aid items.

Until now…

Steven Lewsen, a former ambulance officer, cyclist and first-aid instructor with over 20 years’ experience has launched a quality first-aid kit specifically for cyclists, after almost a year of careful design and in consultation with a number of other cyclists and even bike shop owners.

The kit had to contain a wide range of products that could deal with everything from minor ailments up to more serious injuries and yet still be compact enough to be able to easily attach to the bike without getting in the way.

The result is a kit that is already being extremely well-received by both bike shops and cyclists themselves.

The kit is very compact, yet contains a huge amount of quality items, including:

• Itch relief Sachets for bites and stings

• Burnshield Hydrogel sachets for burns and sunburn (and chaffing)

• Saline which can be used as eye wash or for irrigating wounds

• Splinter probes

• Antiseptic wipes

• Wound dressings for severe bleeding

• Asguard Flex Roll (1m) for wounds and road rash

• Band-Aids

• Knuckle plasters

• Fingertip dressings

• Crepe bandage for general purpose bandaging

• Shock blanket to treat for shock after a fall

• Forceps

• Scissors

• Resus mask for CPR

• Triangular bandage

• First-aid instruction sheet

Of course, we can never predict when a first-aid kit may be required and that is why it is so essential to plan ahead and carry a decent first-aid kit at all times when cycling. This compact, yet extremely well-stocked kit is clearly a safety product that no serious cyclist should be without.

Delivery Information: The RidER Rescue Cyclist First aid kit can be promptly shipped from Safety Store Australia to anywhere in Australia including major cities such as Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, Adelaide, Gold Coast, Newcastle, Canberra & Hobart.

For more information regarding the RidER Rescue Cyclist First aid kit, please email us at or phone us on (08) 9378 7745.

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